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PRHE Projects & Campaigns

PRHE Projects and Campaigns: The Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) of adolescents  and youth is strongly influenced by a range of social, cultural, political, and economic factors and inequalities. These factors increase adolescents and youth’s vulnerability to SRHR risks (e.g. unsafe sex, early pregnancy, substance abuse) and pose barriers to their access to SRHR information and services. PRHE Projects and Campaigns are addressing these underlying causes by working with various stakeholders such as parents, teachers, community members and policy makers, are essential for adolescents and youth to realise their sexual and reproductive health and human rights. 

Partners in Reproductive Health and Education provides a variety of SRHR and HIV/AIDS services to communities through various PRHE projects and campaigns to address these underlying causes to improve the health and lifestyle outcomes of Malawian communities.

PRHE Projects and Campaigns

Out of School Youth Project

Teenage pregnancy is increasing at an alarming rate in Malawi currently at 29% from 26% ( MDHS 2016 and 2010)  therefore PRHE puts a strong focus on prevention of teenage pregnancy by providing education on sexuality, contraceptives, gender-based violence and life-skills. We also empower teenage parents (young mothers and fathers) and pregnant teenagers with parenting skills and support.

PRHE Projects and Campaigns

In School Project

 The project focuses on learners in school, targeting them with well-structured facilitation on Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) Prevention, HIV/AIDS Prevention and life-skills training. We also recruit and train learners as Peer educators who in turn impart valuable information to their peers since learners relate better to peer driven interventions. Since 2017 we have trained more than 400 Peer educators and reached more than 20 000 learners.

PRHE Projects and Campaigns

Out of School Youth Project

Out of school youth are at a higher risk of contracting HIV/AIDS and are most vulnerable to early and unwanted pregnancies since they are often excluded from the social and health interventions that are delivered through our In School Youth Project, nor do they have access to accurate information about their sexual and reproductive health and rights. As a response to their vulnerability, PRHE’s Out of School Youth Project focusses on building the capacity of youth who are not in school by imparting valuable and accurate SRHR information and education to them to ensure a better informed transition into adulthood

PRHE Projects and Campaigns

Youth Friendly Clinics

PRHE’s Youth Friendly Clinics provides quick access to SRHR and HIV/AIDS information and services.  The clinics provide SRHR education, information and counselling on (but not limited to) family planning, diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), pregnancy testing, Post abortal care and provision of male and female condoms. We ensure that the attitude of our clinical staff is responsive to the needs and sensitivities of young people in order to make them feel welcome and comfortable to discuss any challenging social and health matter they are facing.

PRHE Projects and Campaigns

HIV Counselling and Testing (HCT) Projects

One of the primary ways of shaping the behavioural lifestyle of young people during this era of HIV/AIDS is to establish their HIV status. PRHE’s HCT sites provides of range of wellness screening and prevention services. The HIV test is one of a set of wellness tests intended to raise awareness about lifestyle diseases and encourages people to take responsibility for their own health and wellness. Our HCT sites are available in selected public spaces or we partner with other private and public stakeholders to offer services.  Our wellness screening and prevention services are also coupled with proper referral for treatment, care and support at public health facilities.

PRHE Projects and Campaigns

Female Commercial sex work Projects

This project ensures that sex workers have access to HIV Counselling and Testing, SRHR information and education, and male and female condoms. It also ensures that the human rights of sex workers are not violated by Gate Keepers such as law enforcement agencies (police), bar owners and bouncers. Through Risk Reduction workshops sex workers are educated on the prevention of substance abuse and negotiation skills. These sessions also provides a platform for sex workers to exchange and share their experiences to learn from each other through a peer support system.

PRHE Projects and Campaigns

Women empowerment and Advocacy Projects

Young women remain vulnerable, unduly affected and at risk of HIV, Gender-based Violence, Sexual Violence, harmful traditional practices and unwanted pregnancies because they are young and women. All these factors have an adverse effect on the growth and future of young women. PRHE has been conducting training to young women on leadership and advocacy skills to capacitate them to express their voices and to ensure they, together with young men, are able to offer credible and progressive leadership.

PRHE advocates for the implementation of local and Global SRHR policies to duty bearer at both community and national level.

PRHE Projects and Campaigns


Evidence shows that youth who engage in ongoing dialogue with their parents about sexual issues are more likely to postpone early sexual debut, practice safer sex and develop into sexually healthy and responsible adults. This project educates and capacitate parents with communication skills to interact with their children and teenagers about abstinence, sexual and reproductive health and HIV prevention

Partners in Reproductive Health and Education


This is project aims at offering youths living with HIV a chance to build camaraderie, learning through staff led programming and engage in therapeutical recreation. Confidential meetings are held once a month at a designate location. They focus on addressing the unique challenges of growing up with HIV, including adherence, stigma discrimination, disclosure of status, SRHR, emotional health, future planning, nutrition and life skills

The newly diagnosed HIV youth join their fellow HIV positive youth for an annual week long retreat where the share tips on positive living. The newly diagnosed youth are assigned to a peer navigator.

Peer navigator is a trained HIV youth to mentor fellow HIV youth on positive living

PRHE Projects and Campaigns


To advocate for an inclusive environment for the realization of reproductive health rights of young people in Malawi.
The Right Here Right Now Strategic Partnership aims for the respect, protection and fulfilment of SRHR of young people, with a particular focus on young women, girls and young LGBTI. It is an advocacy initiative with a diverse and inclusive set of CSOs (youth and non-youth) having come together in national platforms for concerted advocacy in Malawi

PRHE Projects and Campaigns

Prevention+: Partnering with
Men to End GBV

To realise a gender just Malawi, free of gender-based violence

It aims at achieving a gender just Malawi, free of gender-based violence. It focuses on engaging young men to prevent Gender Based Violence and promote gender justice. The project addresses root causes of Gender Based Violence (GBV) embedded in patriarchal norms and harmful practices, affecting men, boys and sexual minorities.

The project has two main priority areas;

  1. Reducing violence against women
  2. Economic participation and self-reliance of women.

Its interventions are being implemented at four key outcome areas using the theory of change (TOC) namely; individual/relationship level, community level, institution/CSOs and government/policy level.

PRHE Projects and Campaigns

Advanced Family planning

Improve access to and use of family planning services, information, and supplies. By increasing funding, decreasing policy barriers, and increasing the importance of family planning among policymakers at global, regional, national, and sub-national levels. 

AFP is an advocacy project to revitalize family planning programs through increased and more effective funding and improved policy commitments at the national, regional and global levels. The project operates at both national and sub national level targeting/engaging decision and policy makers. In districts establishes Family Planning advocacy working groups to sustain implementation of global, national and district Family Planning commitments 

PRHE Projects and Campaigns

Communication for Advocacy project (CAP)

Increase awareness, importance, understand of Sexual Reproductive Health Rights, to improve access to and use of Sexual Reproductive Health Rights services, information by increasing funding, increase services/commodities uptake among policymakers and consumers.

Communication for Advocacy is an advocacy project targeting to strengthen information about Sexual Reproductive Health Rights services and issues among the policy makers and Sexual Reproductive Health Rights users. It will boost the other advocacy projects and also boost in improves clients access to SRHR information and services. It is mainly a media/communications engagement project.  

Integrating Population dynamics,
SRHR and Climate Change Adaptations

The overall Goal of this Project is to contribute to increased awareness amongst key decision makers about ICPD Program of Action Implementation and Monitoring at National, Regional and International levels.

The Integrating Population dynamics, SRHR and Climate Change Adaptations (CISU). The project fosters to contribute to increased awareness amongst key decision makers about:

  1. The linkages between population dynamics, reproductive health and rights and gender considerations and adaptation to climate change and,
  2. The urgency of integrating them into climate change adaptation policies, programs and funding mechanisms to benefit the most vulnerable populations.